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Woof Coffee is a third wave Italian coffee shop in London.

Woof Coffee gave the assignment to rebrand their visual identity to make it more current with their growing reputation. Some of the branding needs were that it should be accessible to a wide range of people; exposing the brand in a professional way to grow reputation and become industry leader; and creating customer loyalty and exposing the brand to a wider audience via social media and press.

The branding concept is based on the phrase: What's nicer than drinking a good quality cup of coffee? To drink it with someone you love.


IFP’s Independent Film Week is a one-of-a-kind event that brings the international film and media community to New York City to celebrate diversity in storytelling, advocate for the most exciting new work being produced, and introduce new voices on the independent scene.

IFP gave the assignment to rebrand and develop a new visual identity for the Independent Film Week and parallel to that, IFP Conference: Screen Forward. Since the focus of IFP is shifting from supporting traditional cinema towards different modes of interactive, episodic, and other creative storytelling platforms. Man Kit referenced perspective lines for an integration of different visions and depth of field and gave the visual identity an almost electric with a palpable visual energy.


Bruneau Pictures gave the assignment to design the official film poster for the Sci-Fi Western short film Carbon, which premieres at the Sun Valley Film Festival 2016.


The Independent Filmmaker Project [IFP] champions the future of storytelling by connecting artists with essential resources at all stages of development and distribution. IFP fosters a vibrant and sustainable independent storytelling community, represents a growing network of 10,000 storytellers around the world, and plays a key role in developing 350 new feature and documentary works each year. During its 35-year history, IFP has supported over 8,000 projects and offered resources to more than 20,000 filmmakers.

Since February 2015, Man Kit has been working on the branding and visual design of new events and initiatives by IFP to introduce them to the audience.


Animation created for SmartCollaborationSpaces 2014, European Institute of Innovation & Technology: EIT Digital drives leadership in ICT innovation for economic growth and quality of life.


The Humanity House in The Hague is an initiative of the Dutch Red Cross and is supported by the municipality of The Hague and the European Regional Development Fund of the European Commission.

The Dutch Red Cross gave the assignment to develop a museum concept of what it means to live and survive in an area where war has broken out or where a natural disaster has occured. The Humanity House is more than a museum. It is a place where visitors can contemplate why it is important to pay attention to those living through disasters and armed conflicts. It is a combination of a museum environment and a knowledge center hosting debates, lectures, films and educational activities. Man Kit worked on the branding, visual identity, campaign launch, and interior of the museum.

Man Kit won a European Design Award for The Humanity House project and the museum was nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award.

[Humanity House is made at Lava Design Agency]


Impakt presents critical and creative views on contemporary media culture and innovative audiovisual arts in an interdisciplinary context. Impakt organizes an annual Impakt Festival on a related and specific theme.

Impakt gave the assignment to develop a visual identity for the theme 'The Right To Know' and subthemes including censorship, transparency of information, copyright, and management of data. We live in a society in which data has become a commodity and is being distributed in an increasingly massive manner. But how much do we need and want to know? When is it mandatory to have total transparency and when is it better to refrain from making data accessible? How are privacy, efficiency and security balanced in this respect? The censorship bars and the cut out tranparency layers were the visual cues of the identified themes.

[Impakt Festival "The Right To Know" is made at Lava Design Agency]


2013 was the anniversary year of the Netherlands and Russia’s long bilateral relations. In the first half of 2013, the Netherlands offered a program with a variety of economic, cultural and social activities. The second half of this program took place in Russia.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave the assignment to develop a visual identity for the Netherlands-Russia year. Because of the expansive amount of organizations and parties that were involved with NLRF2013, the project contextually and visually needed to have a unified visual identity that is easy to apply and has a high degree of recognizability.

[NLRF2013 is made at Lava Design Agency]


Ode To My Youth is a self-initiated collage-series. Original format is A1-size (33 x 24 inches).






The VPRO is a Dutch broadcasting organization that has been working in the Netherlands since 1926.

The VPRO gave the assignment to design their annual report with the theme 80th anniversary of the VPRO. The annual shows who the VPRO is after eighty years with a focus on the present-day identity of the organization. In that sense the annual report is a time document. The cover celebrates VPRO’s 80th anniversary while reflecting the challenges within the changing organization in 2006. The book has a dual appearance. First, the year annual is a photo book holding portraits of VPRO’s employees. Its second purpose is revealed when the Japanese folded pages are torn apart to reveal the year annual data. In this way, there are two ways to look back on VPRO in 2006. The complete annual report is exclusively printed with black ink on bible paper.

[The VPRO annual report is made in collaboration with Johannes Verwoerd]


Clear Village is an international initiative to realize a sustainable village the coming years that will exist somewhere in the Mediterranean. Clear Village is a sustainable community brought together by professionals from different fields.

The Clear Village Foundation gave the assignment to develop a visual identity that doesn’t only give this visionary project a face, but is also an essential tool of the collaborative way of working. Man Kit developed an ‘open brand’ identity that embodies the themes and way of working, represented in a visual language. With this language, internal creative sessions as well as external communications can be designed. In this way the identity grows along with the thinking about the village of the future.

Logo concept

Visual landscape concept

Icons and combining of icons concept

Typo info layer concept

Type in combination with icon, typo info layer, and grid

[Clear Village is made at Lava Design Agency]


PINC stands for People, Ideas, Nature, Creativity. It is a unique annual conference that attracts leaders, creatives, innovators, entrepreneurs, communication specialists, scientists, economists and anybody else that wants to be inspired. Each PINC conference usually consists of sixteen international speakers who don’t have much in common, except for the passion in what they do and their belief in the power of innovation, inspiration and creativity.

PINC gave the assignment to develop a visual identity for PINC.10 with the only guideline to use the visual identity colors and fonts. Because of PINC's 10th anniversary, Man Kit replaced the grey color with silver.

[PINC.10 is made at Lava Design Agency]


Official film poster designed for the documentary Bela Bela. The poster was in the top 3 of the Most Beautiful Film Poster competition during the Dutch Film Festival.

[The Bela Bela film poster is made at Studio Ron van Roon]

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