Clear Village is a London-based charity that is supported by a global network of experts in fields ranging from urbanism and sustainability to technology and anthropology to deliver innovative solutions to help communities build a better future through creative regeneration. They bring durable change by identifying challenges, build on existing community assets and involve community members through participatory design with projects that range from setting up co-sharing office spaces to foster social entrepreneurship, to finding novel uses for empty or underused spaces, to incorporating small scale manufacturing and technology into grassroots solutions. They have been active across Europe as well as in Ecuador and China.

Clear Village gave the assignment to develop a visual identity that doesnt only give this visionary project a face, but is also an essential tool of the collaborative way of working. Man Kit developed an open brand identity that embodies the themes and way of working, represented in a visual language. With this language, internal creative lab sessions as well as external communications can be designed. In this way the visual identity grows parallel with the thinking about the community of the future.
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