The VPRO, a Dutch broadcasting organization that has been working in the Netherlands since 1926, gave the assignment to design their annual report with the theme '80th anniversary'.

The annual shows who the VPRO is after eighty years with a focus on the present-day identity of the organization. In that sense the annual report is a time document. The cover celebrates VPRO's 80th anniversary while reflecting the challenges within the changing organization in 2006. The book has a dual appearance. First, the year annual is a photo book holding portraits of VPRO's employees. Its second purpose is revealed when the Japanese folded pages are torn apart to reveal the year annual data. In this way, there are two ways to look back on VPRO in 2006. The complete annual report is exclusively printed with black ink on thin 65 grams paper.

In collaboration with Johannes Verwoerd Photography by Maayan Ben Gal
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