Based in Amsterdam, Waag has been operating in the past 25 years at the intersection of science, technology and the arts. Their work focuses on emergent technologies as instruments of social change, and is guided by the values of fairness, openness and inclusivity. Waag’s dedicated team of thinkers, makers and partners across Europe empowers people to become active citizens through technology.

Waag gave the assignment for a rebranding, and to develop a new visual identity and website. By renaming Waag Society into Waag - Technology & Society and dividing the organizational structure into the groups Make, Learn, Code, Carewith each group their own specified color, it clarifies and emphasize what they focus on. The challenge was to create a rich, recognizable, yet easy way for the Waag communication department to generate building blocks for their visual identity. To incorporate the do-it-yourself mentality of Waag, Man Kit used abstracted shapes and patterns from the labs and workshops as elements for the visual identity. This way the building blocks for the visual identity are ongoing and endless in possibilities. Just like the organization is shifting the perspective of people on how they perceive technology, the visual elements are also shown from different angles.

Website in collaboration with Gianluca Monaco.
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